All Peoples’ CongressAPC11A Old Railway Line, Brookfield76621919Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma
Alliance Democratic Party (ADP)ADP13 Rawdon Street78747042Mohamed K. Mansaray
Citizens Democratic Party (CDP)CDP55 Bye Pass Road, Kissy78195663Mr. Gibrill Thulla
Coalition for Change (C4C)C4C16 Main Motor Road, Congo Town78376389Tamba R. Sandy
National Democratic Alliance (NDA)NDA15 Mountain Cut76637448Augusta James-Teima
National Grand Coalition (NGC)NGC20 Nelson Lane, Tengbeh Town30748961Dr. Denis Bright
National Progressive Democrats (NPD)NPD156 Bai Bureh Road, Porte Wellington79725728Almami Cyllah
National Unity and Reconciliation Party (NURP)NURP69 Victoria Street, Freetown76771309Dr. Jonathan P.M Sandy
Peace and Liberation Party (PLP)PLPLorry Park, Texaco Kissy88909280Dr. Barba Kandeh Conteh
People’s Democratic Party (PDP)PDP7 Tejan Lane78345022Prince Coker
Peoples Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC)PMDC12 Prince Street78501066Charles F. Margai
Republic National Independent Party (ReNIP)ReNIP112 Bai Bureh Road77885255Beresford V. Willaims
Revolutionary United Front Party (RUFP)RUFP22 Antanna Street, Portee, Wellington76406283Kelfala Kossia
Sierra Leone Peoples PartySLPP15 Wallace Johnson Street76661194Dr Prince Harding
United Democratic Movement (UDM)UDM112 Pademba Road 79492292Mohamed Sowa
United National Peoples Party (UNPP)UNPP54 City Road Wellington76362962Gabriel Samuka
Unity Party (UP)UP4 Pademba Road, Freetown 77582363Dr Olabissie Cole