All citizens of Sierra Leone have the right to vote and participate in elections. This right is guaranteed by the 1991 Constitution, the Persons with Disabilities Act 2011 and the Public Elections Act 2012. Further protection is found in the international Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Yet, there are still situations where persons with disabilities (PWD) are faced with obstacles that hinder them from exercising this fundamental right. Download PDF
Gender equality is mutually and equally beneficial to both men and women. Gender roles and assumptions often lead to the denial, restriction and elimination of basic human rights of both genders. Womens electoral and political participation is widely recognized as a pre-existing condition for the realization of full democracy. Download PDF
National Electoral Commission (NEC) Sierra Leone, Official Statement - We Are Not Done Yet, Says National Electoral Commission Chair Download PDF
National Electoral Commission (NEC) - Letter Download PDF
Countermand Notice of Polls for Ward 278 Bo City Council - 28th February 2018 Download PDF